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Wettest Place- Monthly

Post by Admin1 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:06 pm

After making contact with Philip Eden ( respected meteorologist ) I can now announce the following

November 2009 Styhead 1430mm
Source Phlip Eden (Open letter) http://www.bramptonweather.co.uk/data/S ... Letter.pdf

This figure of 1430mm is a UK record, previous record holder at Llyn Llyday (1436mm) October 1909 has now been discredited. :D due to a faulty rain gauge.

Other Highest Amounts include
1270mm The Stye Gauge B January 1928
1153mm at Styhead December 1980
1124mm Sprinkling Tarn September 1950
1092mm Sprinkling Tarn October 1954
1080mm The Stye Gauge C January 1921
1067mm Styhead November 1954
1041mm Fleetwith (above Buttermere) October 1967
1029mm Styhead Tarn September 1950

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