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not sure if we have a thread on this elsewhere, but the following must be two contenders

Taken from British rainfall 1879
During January the barometer was unusually high and again October, November and December.
January was an extremely cold month (mean temp. 27.1F [ -2.7c), with little downfall of either snow or rain.
The Cumberland lakes were all frozen over and skaters had a fine time of it. February was like its predecessor – cold and bleak. Scarcely any work was done on the farm. Turnips were completely spoiled.
The severe weather lasted till the middle of March when a thaw set in(17th) . farm work went on amain and the land was ready for the seed by the close of the month.
The hard frost had worked wonders with the soil which crumbled under the plough and was in a first class position for the seed – decidedly better than for many years. The seed was got in in this locality in first class order.
April, however, turned out a miserable month, only one day (26th) relieving the gloom, which was warm, moist and ‘thundery’ – monthly mean only 40f (4.4c).
The cold weather lasted with little interruption till the 17th May, when fine weather set in and crops of all kinds went on well. So also all kinds of fruit trees – blossoms abundant.
June witnessed several thunderstorms, but fine “growing" weather.
The month of July was wet and so was the latter part of August – the hay harvest being especially kept back. Crops of all kinds – except perhaps turnips, which were small in size – were abundant, but mostly spoiled by the bad weather, especially the corn crop which was housed in bad condition.
The total rainfall 30.49” was far below the average of the last eight years (41.86”); there were few heavy falls and the number of wet days was small.

The rainfall of the year was considerably below the average of previous 17 years. July, August and September were wet months; more rain fell in July than in any previous July for 17 years.
The whole of the year was cold, dark and sunless; the temperature of every month was below the average and the mean of the year 3.3f below average and the coldest of a period of 18 years.
Rainfall in four summer months, June to September, 22.07”, while only 19.31” fell in the other eight months.
The total for the year is the lowest observed since 1868 and is more than 11” below the average of the intervening years.
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