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October 2012

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:53 pm
by Carl M

Another very unsettled and cool month - 5th month in a row with over 100mm:

M.MAX: 11.7c -1.9
M.MIN: 4.4c -1.7
MEAN: 8.1c -1.7

H.MAX: 15.1c 6th (record low max)
L.MAX: 6.3c 26th
L.MIN: -1.6c 27th
H.MIN: 10.6c 24th

G.MIN: -6.4c 27th


TOTAL 153.8mm 157%

Most: 49.2mm 11th
0.2 20
1.0 14
5.0 8
10.0 5

AF 1
GF 17
CF 6

TH 1

Re: October 2012

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:04 am
by rjd1000
Mean Max 11.6c

Mean Min 5.0c

Mean 8.3c

Highest Max 15.8c (21st)

Lowest Min -2.7c (27th)

Lowest Max 5.0c (26th)

Highest Min 10.4c (11th)

Rainfall 174.3mm - 5th >140mm month in a row

Wettest Day 24.7mm (31st)

Days rain >1mm - 15

Air Frosts 2

Re: October 2012

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:04 pm
by Paul C
Rainfall above normal but not the amount recorded by other stations. October 2012 will be remembered for a record number of grass frosts and snow cover on the morning of the 27th, the first snow on the ground recorded in October in the 12 years history of the station. Mean temperatures below normal. Mean Max was the coldest -1.6c, but mean min wasn't quite as cold as 2003.

Mean Max 11.5 ( -1.6c ) Coldest on record
Mean Min 4.8c (-1.9c)
Mean 8.2 ( -1.7)

Highest Max 16.1c 21st
Lowest Max 5.5c 26th
Lowest Min -1.8c 27th
Highest Min 10.3c 1st
Grass Min -6.9c 27th

Rainfall 121.2mm or 121%
Wettest Day 23.2mm 11th

Grass Frost 13
Air frrost 1

Max Gust 24mph
Mean 5.5mph
Dominant wind direction SW - 13 days

Fog -1
Hail -1
Snow -1
Snow at 0900hrs - 1

Pressure Mean at 0900hrs 1007mb
Highest 1027mb 23rd
Lowest 972mb 31st

Sunshine 82.3hrs

Re: October 2012

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:23 pm
by Anne
October was colder and wetter than average. Although very similar to October 2008, this year's October was colder, and the coldest since 1993. Daily maximum temperatures averaged only 12.5C. Almost all nights had cold minimum temperatures well below 10C and there were six air frosts, the coldest on the 27th with -3.9C. There were some sunny spells, specially in the second and third weeks when the exceptionally bright autumn colours gave a good show.

The total rainfall for October was 142.3mm, well above the average of around 90mm. This was the fifth month in a row with over 100mm, which has never occurred before in my records. There were some drier spells in the second and third weeks but the wet days were very wet indeed with over 10mm on seven days. Although there was a little snow in other places at the end of the month there was none in Scotby.

Re: October 2012

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:14 pm
by wmb
Mean max 12.3 -1.1
Mean min 5.6 -1.6
Mean 9.0 -1.3

Max 15.2 21st, 23rd
Min -0.3 27th
Low max 6.0, 26th (Equal lowest Oct max)
High min 10.6 1st, 11th

Rain 162.8 125%

4 days with hail, 2 with thunder.

Very different from last October, no really mild spells at all.

Re: October 2012

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:21 pm
by darrog
Maulds Meaburn data for October - a cool and wet month and the 5th consecutive to record 100 mm+ of rain.

whilst mean rainfall for October went up, the mean number of rain+wet days went slightly down - thus daily rainfall totals tended to be high.

you can visit the 'summary' page on my website for a detailed report and/or read it in the Cumberland and westmorland Herald.


Mean max’ = 11.3 c
Mean min’ = 3.7 c
Mean = 7.5 c

High Max = 16.5 c (21st)
Low Max’ = 4.9 c (26th)

Low Min’ = -1.4 c (27th)
High Min = 10.3 c (24th)

Grass = -4.5 c (27th)

AF = 4
GF = 12


High 11.7c (2nd)
Low 7.8c (28th)
MEAN 9.5c

100 cm SOIL

High 11.6c (1st-2nd)
Low 9.7c (31st)
MEAN 10.5c


Total = 120.7 mm
Rain days = 17
Wet days = 13

Wettest day = 28.7 mm on 2nd


Mean = 1008.4 Mb
High = 1027.8 Mb (23rd)
Low = 974.4 Mb (31st)




Wind ‘Calm’ x8 times at 0900- Obs

Re: October 2012

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:57 am
by Paul C
Cumbria Weather Report station data for October