May 2010

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May 2010

Post by Anne » Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:40 am

Here is my parish magazine report for May.

May began rather cool with daily highs of 12C to 14C and feeling even cooler with a chilly east to north-east wind. After the middle of the month we were treated to several warm, sunny days with a maximum temperature of 26C on the 22nd. The warmth was short lived and the last week of May was cool again. The resulting average maximum temperature was 16.3C, which is the norm for May in Scotby. There were four air frosts during May with a minimum of -2.4C on the 3rd. This was the frostiest May since 1997.

The total rainfall in May was 25mm, which is less than half the average for May. It was the third driest May I have recorded since 1987. There were no significantly wet days, most of the rain falling as drizzle. The wettest day was the 26th with 4.4mm; barely enough to wet the ground properly. So, 2010 has begun with 5 months of very low rainfall; 186mm compared with an average figure of 337mm.


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Re: May 2010

Post by Carl M » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:15 pm

Drumburgh May figures - full data on website:

This was the coolest May since 1996.

M.MAX: 15.3C -0.1 av.
M.MIN: 5.2C -1.2 av.
MEAN: 10.3C -0.6 av.

H.MAX: 24.4C 22nd
L.MAX: 9.7C 10th
L.MIN: -1.4C 11th
H.MIN: 11.7C 20th

G.MIN: -7.2C 11th


TOTAL 34.0mm 62%

Most: 12.5mm 26th
0.2 13
1.0 7
5.0 2
10.0 1

A/F 4
G/F 12
C/F 4

TH 0
Drumburgh 7m AMSL (Solway Estuary)

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Re: May 2010

Post by darrog » Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:03 pm

MM continued very dry, in my 3yrs of recording (I now have 3yrs data for every month) May was my driest month in this time.
Indeed, this year as seen Feb', then April and now May as the 'driest'.

A Partial drought of 29 days 7.4.10. - 5.5.10 saw just 3.2mm ppt and then a
Dry spell of 17 days from 11.5.10. - 27.5.10 saw just 1.2mm ppt.

Air pressure remained above 1000hpa all month

Mean of 9.4c
Mean Max' of 14.3c
Meam Min of 4.5c

Highest max' of 24.2c on both 22nd + 23rd
Lowest Max' of 8.1c 10th

Lowest Min' of -2.3c on 12th
highest min' of 13.1c on 21st

Grass of -4.5c on 11th

AF = 7 (year 62)
GF = 9 (year 97)

ppt = 14.8mm
most of 3.6mm on 6th
rain days = 9
wet days = 6

mean of 5.0 mph
high of 32 mph on 8th

high 1032.8 on 21st
low 1004.1 on 29th
Darren Rogers - he who submits the most interesting posts, AKA Mr Data
Maulds Meaburn

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Re: May 2010

Post by wmb » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:25 pm

Mean max 14.7 (-1.6)
mean min 6.2 (-1.2)
Rain 43.4 76%

max 22.8, 22nd
Min -0.6 11th
Wettest day 20.8 1st

Cool, dry and apart from the air frost, not a lot to say really.

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Re: May 2010

Post by Paul C » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:07 am

Brampton 7076

Mean 9.7
Mean Max 14.1c
Mean Min 9.7

Highest Max 23.5c 22nd
Lowest Max 9.2c 10th
Lowest Min -0.5c 3rd
Highest Min 12.4c 23rd
Grass Min -6.8c 3rd

Air Frost 2
Grass frost 11

Rainfall Total 24.9mm or 42.9%
Wettest Day 5.8mm 27th

Sunshine 187.3hrs

So far this year rainfall as a percentage is at 65% or normal

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