December 2009

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Paul C
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December 2009

Post by Paul C » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:32 pm

Brampton Stats for December 2009

Mean Max 4.7c
Mean Min -0.3c
Mean 2.2

Highest Max 10.7c 9th
Lowest max -0.4c 18th
Lowest Min -7.0c 20th
Highest Min 6.7c 6th
Grass Min -14.2c 20th

Air frosts - 17
Grass frosts - 26 !
Mean Grass at -4.1c

Snow Falling days 10
Max depth 6cm morning of the 22nd
Snow cover continually 17th-31st December

Sunshine 32.9hrs, Sunniest Day 3hrs 28th

WILL add a few more details later

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Carl M
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Re: December 2009

Post by Carl M » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:05 pm

M.MAX: 4.7C (av -2.2C)
M.MIN: -1.0C (av -1.9C)
MEAN: 1.9C (av -2.0C)

H.MAX: 11.7C 9th
L.MAX: -0.4C 28th
L.MIN: -7.1C 20th
H.MIN: 6.0C 6th

G.MIN: -11.4C 19th


TOTAL 93.3mm 93%

Most: 15.9mm 21st
0.2 22
1.0 15
5.0 8
10.0 3

AF 21
GF 28 (most in any month)

12 days of lying snow.

More details:
Drumburgh 7m AMSL (Solway Estuary)

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Re: December 2009

Post by Carl_Penrith » Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:06 pm

your reports are a bit more detailed then mine.

Dec 2009

mean temp 0.8
Avg temp 1.1
Max 9.7 day 5
min -8.7 day 19
rain 90.1mm max 21.1 day 26 (snow melt) 22 rain days
avg speed 2.5mph
max 41.4mph day 30 NE
Carl F
Penrith 140m ASL

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Re: December 2009

Post by wmb » Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:20 am

Mean max 6.1
Mean min 0.8

Mean 3.4

Rain 97.6
Wettest day 28.2

Highest max 10.9
Lowest max 0.6

Highest min 7.4
Lowest min -4.8

Air frosts 17

Days with sleet/snow 10
Days with snow cover 2
Days with hail 7
Days with thunder 1

Apparently I had a gust of 33 mph n the 30th as well.

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Re: December 2009

Post by darrog » Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:23 am

Scores on the doors for Maulds Meaburn December 2009

Mean 2.0c
Mean max' 4.6c
Mean Min' -0.7c

High 10.5c 6th
Low -9.5c 20th
Grass -14.0c 20th
High Min' 5.7c 6th
Low Max' -0.7c 18th

Air Frosts x20
Grass Frosts x20 but only commenced recording this from 12th - so ie: all of them

Days of falling snow x13
Days of Laying snow x14 17-31st
Max depth of 13cms on 22nd

rain days x26 (230 year)
wet days x17 (163 year)
Darren Rogers - he who submits the most interesting posts, AKA Mr Data
Maulds Meaburn

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