3rd November 2015 - a day of contrasts ?

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3rd November 2015 - a day of contrasts ?

Post by Paul C » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:46 pm

Yesterday was gloomy, after a cold sunny start, fog rolled in by 11am and remained foggy all day. As a result my Max was 8.7c. I was scanning through the Met Office site and read that Spadeadam, which is only a few miles away recorded 15.2c.

I have started this topic as a reminder that when I do the monthly stats, to check this date in particular - Darren ?? is it worth doing the 2nd November re your temp ??

Please feel free to let me know your Max temps for this day

Brampton 8.7c
Spadeadam 15.2c
Levens Hall 8.1c (check)
Drumburgh 9.2c
Bolton le Sands 11.3c

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