October 2017

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October 2017

Post by Anne » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:36 pm

October was a mild month with a normal amount of rainfall. The average maximum temperature was 15C, about 1C warmer than the average for October. The warmest day was 16th with a high of 20.1C. There have been other Octobers with a higher maximum but the 16th was a very strange day with warm, very strong winds and atmospheric dust from the Sahara, which, together with smoke pollution from Spain, created a surreal, orangey-red sun and strange skies. There were two air frosts in October a slight one on the 29th and -2.2C on the 30th. These were the first frosts of the autumn.

The total rainfall for October was 98.6mm, which is close to the 30 year average in Scotby. The wettest day was the 11th with a total of 27.2mm. There was rain on all but 7 days in Scotby with the driest period coming during the last week.

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Re: October 2017

Post by Paul C » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:20 pm


Overall warmer than average, with slightly above average rainfall. Several pointless weather warnings.

Mean Max 13.7c (+0.5c)
Mean Min 9.2c (+2.3c)
Mean 11.5c (+1.4c)

Highest Max 19.4c 16th
Lowest Max 9.0c 29th
Lowest Min -0.2c 30th
Highest Min 11.9c 15th
Grass Min -4.5c 30th

Rainfall Total was 104.8mm or 105%
Wettest Day 16.9mm 19th

Max Gust 46mph on the 1st
Average Wind Speed 10mph
Dominant Wind Direction SW 20 days

Sunshine 50.7hrs or 66.7%
Sunniest 7.8hrs 5th
Days no sun 9

Mean Pressure at 0900hrs 1013mb
High 1035.4mb 27th
Low 985.4mb 21st

Air Frost 1
Grass Frost 3

No Hail, snow or thunder
Fog - 2

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Re: October 2017

Post by wmb » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:32 am

Mean max 14.5 + 1.1c
Mena min 9.8 + 2.6c
Mean 12.2 +1.9c
Rain 98.8 76%

So mild and on the dry side - but more rain fell on the 11th than did in the whole of October 2016, and the total this month was greater than the combined total from 2015 and 2016.

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Re: October 2017

Post by Carl M » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:52 am

Mild with average rainfall.

M.MAX: 14.7c +1.0
M.MIN: 8.4c +2.1
MEAN: 11.5c +1.5

H.MAX: 19.2c 16th
L.MAX: 10.5c 29th
L.MIN: -1.1c 30th
H.MIN: 12.9c 15th

G.MIN: -4.7c 30th


TOTAL 103.1mm 99%

Most: 13.4mm 10th
0.2 20 +1
1.0 16 +2
5.0 10 +4
10.0 3 +0

AF 1
GF 2
Drumburgh 7m AMSL (Solway Estuary)

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Re: October 2017

Post by rjd1000 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:59 pm

173mm rainfall here - 44% wetter than average - big contrast to everyone else!

0.6c above average - mean was 11.1c

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