March 2019

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March 2019

Post by Anne » Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:30 pm

Temperatures during March were about normal for the month, although there was only one air frost of -1.1C on the 8th, which made it the least frosty March in Scotby since 1992. The average maximum temperature was 10.7C and the warmest day was the 21st with a high of 14.4C, both typical for March (and cooler than February 2019!).

The total rainfall for March was 135.2mm making it the wettest March I have recorded in over 30 years in Scotby and beating the previous wettest in 1987 by about 30mm. Most of the rain fell on every day from the 2nd to the 16th but the last 9 days were dry. Very strong winds and heavy rain with thunder made an unusual combination of weather effects on the 12th/13th. There was very heavy rain again on the 16th causing some flooding in places.

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Re: March 2019

Post by David Johnson » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:58 pm

Had some rain on 21 consecutive days at the start of the month.
Rainfall total 265.5mm

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Re: March 2019

Post by wmb » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:01 pm

Mean Max 9.9c +0.1c
Mean Min 5.0c +1.6c
Mean 7.4c +0.8c
Rainfall 159.6 mm 192%

Despite a dry end to the month, wettest March I've recorded. No air frost.

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Re: March 2019

Post by Carl M » Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:55 pm

Wettest March on record though the last 7 days were dry.

Max mean 10.1c
Min mean 3.8c
Mean 6.9c (+0.8)

Highest max 12.6c 21st
Lowest max 7.0c 10th
Lowest min -2.3c 8th
Highest min 8.9c 21st
Lowest GF -8.4c 8th

Rainfall Total 132.4mm 224%

0.2 21
1.0 16

AF 1
GF 12

Thunder 1
Drumburgh 7m AMSL (Solway Estuary)

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Re: March 2019

Post by Paul C » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:10 am

March 2019. Wettest March on record and percentage wise the wettest month ever, beating the major flood years . Most of the rainfall fell in the first half of the month as well. There were a few snow events especially on the evening of the 3rd when rain turned to heavy snow with 3cm by midnight. The other major event was the thunder and strong winds overnight 12th into the 13th , the terrific sound of the thunder was widely reported and very unusual . Some minor structural damage occurred to the house. Lightning did strike a house a few miles away in Cotehill . I did suggest that a Tornado or similar may have been the cause but there is no real evidence on the ground to support this. 3rd March was also my wettest March day on record.

Mean Max 9.2c (+0.1c)
Mean Min 3.6c (+1.3c)
Mean 6.4c (+0.7c)

Highest Max 13.0c - 21st
Lowest Max 5.1c 10th
Lowest Min -0.5c - 8th
Highest Min 9.3c - 21st
Grass Min -6.2c - 8th

Rainfall 135.3mm or 238.6mm (records)
Wettest Day 25.8mm 3rd (record)
Days with 0.2mm> 21
Days with 1.0mm> 17
Days with 5.0mm> 10

Sunshine 74.3hrs or 77.2%
Sunniest Day 10.3hrs 25th

Air Frost 1
Grass Frost 12

Fog zero
Hail 4
Thunder 1
Gale 0 (nearly1)

Sleet or snow falling 3
Snow lying at 0900hrs - 1 with 2 further trace days
Max Depth 3cm late eve on the 3rd

Max Gust 56mph 12th
Mean wind Speed 10.9mph
Dominant Wind Direction West with 11 days.

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