April 2020

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April 2020

Post by wmb » Sat May 02, 2020 9:36 am

Mean max 15.0c (+2.5c)
Mean min 5.0c (+1.0c)
Mean 10.2c (+1.7c)
Rain 9.6mm (16%)
Second driest month I've recorded after Janaury 1997.

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Paul C
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Re: April 2020

Post by Paul C » Mon May 04, 2020 9:35 am

April 2020 - This month may be remembered for the continuation of the "lockdown" but it will also be remembered for the dry and sunny weather which prevailed for most of the month. Record dry April and my driest ever month on record 2000-2020. Sunshine was also a new record and as a result mean temperatures were above normal aswell.

Mean Max 13.6c (+1.5)
Mean Min 4.8c (+0.6)
Mean 9.2 (+1.1)

Highest Max 20.8c - 10th
Lowest Max 8.6c - 13th
Lowest Min -0.9c - 14th
Highest Min 9.2c - 11th
Grass Min -6.1c - 14th

Rainfall 3.7mm or 7.6%
Wettest Day 2.4mm 9th
Days with 0.2mm > 4
Days with 1.0mm > 1
Days with 5.0mm > 0

AF -1
GF -9

Thunder, Hail, Gale,Fog, Sleet/Snow all zero

Dominant Wind Direction SE 13days
max Gust 40mph 20th
Mean Wind Speed 7.8mph

Sunshine 220hrs or 149.3% ( sunniest on record)
days with no sun 1
Sunniest 13.0hrs 21st

Pressure Mean at 0900hrs 1018mb
High 1032.8mb - 13th
Low 988.9mb - 29th

David Johnson
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Re: April 2020

Post by David Johnson » Tue May 05, 2020 10:05 am

Rainfall total 22mm.
Only 6 mm until the last 2 days of the month.
Feast to a famine like the last 2 springs

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