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Weather notes on the Year 1865

Ambleside - Rainfall 18.35" below the average of the last 5 years

Brougham Hall - The average rainfall is 26", the last 2 years have been about 2"below that, but in1861,1862 and 1863, it was about 10" above.

Great Strickland - We have reason to think that high wind affects the quantity of rainwhich enters the gauge, there being a great deal more flood on a windy day, on which we registered a less quantity, than there was on a clam day, on which we registered a greater quantity - does it blow over the gauge. It has been by far the driest year here for a long time, places being dried up which have never been so before in the memory of the oldest inhabitant, yet we have had 36" of rain, but it was concentrated in a few months.

Holker Gardens, Newton-in-Cartmel - Highest temperature 85c 21st June, lowest 14f on the 15th February

Monthly Notes 1865 from Seathwaite

January - Rain above 1 " on 6 days. Hard frost 23rd-29th. Fine skating on the lakes. Heavy snow storm 29th-31st, 2feet deep. 10 or 12 feet in railway cuttings.

February - A month of most severe weather. Frost 5th -21st. Snow 12" deep. Min at Tarnbank 11.3f on the 15th. Fine skating on the lakes.

March - Very cold. Mountains covered in snow all month. Monthly raingauge placed next to old one measured 6.33"

April- A remarkbly dry warm month. Nevertheless 30th April snow still remains in patches on the mountains.

May - A wet month, the fall on the 30th has been only twice exceeded since the establishment of the gauge viz - in November 1846 when 6.62 was measured in the 24hrs and on 5th Dec 1864 6.47". At Tarnbank, the fall on the 30th was 2.50".

June - A month of extreme, and almost unparalleled dryness at this station.

August - Cloudy and unsettled weather throughout. Rain above an inch on 6 days. Rainfall in July was 7.08" or 2.47" below the average, it fell on 21 days, the heaviest fall being 1.06" on the 13th, the only day on which it exceeded 1".

September - A month of most splendid weather. The tremendous rainfall on the 10th raised the lakes of Bassenthwaite and derwent Water 2 feet.. At Tarnbank Max 81.3F.

October - On 5 days more than an inch of rain. Magnificent weather during the first 10 days, rest of the month cold and damp. Max at Tarnbank 76.7F (24.8c) a temperature never before recorded in October in the county of Cumberland.

November - Rainfall over 1" on 5 days and over 2" on two.A damp month, the air on most days being near the point of saturation. Violent storms the last 10 days.

December - Mild gloomy weather until the 25th. Afterwards rain every day accompanied by gales from the SSW and SW on which the 30th and 31st attained a hurricane violence. Frosty on only two nights.