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4th & 5th Elterwater, Woodlands - Windy and wet 3.09in of rain in the two days

5th & 6th Shap - Great Gale


12th & 13th Shap - Storm of wind and rain causing a great flood 2.67in in two days.

14th Shap - Strong gale all day

18th Shap, Copy Hill ( reference to Copy Hill unclear if same station as just Shap) Gale with heavy showers


8th Shap Great storm of wind and rain


14th Shap - Rain snow and sleet and hail and a heavy fall of snow on the mountains which remained for three of four days


7th Elterwater, Woodlands Thunderstorms TSS

23rd-25th Elterwater, Woodlands - Thunder with very heavy rain on the 24th 2.29in


6th Shap - Strong gale all day

10th Shap - Strong NE gale all day

12th Shap - thin snow on mountains

24th Shap Great Thunderstorm

24th Elterwater Thunder lightning and heavy rain.


1st Shap and Elterwater Heavy Thunderstorm

6th Carlisle St James Road Between 1815hrs and 1835hrs .40in rain fell, the rainstorm was very local for at a distance of half mile no rain fell and haymaking was carried onwith interruption.


2nd Shap - Strong NW gale all day

13th Shap Severe Thunderstorm

13th & 14th Elterwater - Thunderstorms with heavy rain

27th Elterwater Fine Lunar Rainbow


2nd Shap - Strong gale all day, aurora at night. Carlisle Much lightning at night.

23rd Elterwater, Woodlands - Strong wind and Thunder, Lightning hail and rain

30th Elterwater Thunder lightning and showers of rain and hail.


3rd Shap Strong gale and heavy rain

7th-9th Elterwater Thunder lightning hail and heavy rain

8th Cartmel, Pit Farm Heavy hail breaking nearly all the windows on the west side of the labourers houses. Carlisle St james Road Thunder heavy rain and hail SW gale

9th Shap Strong gale all day.


5th Shap - NE gale and snowstorm

5th-9th Extended entry relating to Aysgarth Vicarage (Not in Cumbria) but mentiones Settle to Carlisle railway being blocked with snow 15-30feet deep, closed for a week ( Page 26 refer to Mr D Rogers if required)

Observers Notes on the Months


Elterwater, Woodlands - Remarkable for the long continued and great height of the bar, absence of frost and the large number of calm and foggy days. Max temp 52f on the 2nd and min 28f on the 18th, frost in air on only one day and on grass only 7 days.

Shap, Copy Hill - Rather wet at the beginning of the month, a few warm,damp,foggy days from the 10th-19th and fogs frequent towards the end. Very mild in general. Snow on only one day, land looking fresh and green spring flowers coming out and birds singing

Haweswater, Measandbecks - Remarkably fine mild weather throughout.


Elterwater, Woodlands - Remarkably mild throughout, primroses in full bloom on the 1st. Max temp 57f on the 21st and Min 21F 2nd, frost in air on one day, on grass on 8 days.

Shap, Copy Hill - the month began with mild weather, heavy fogs in the mornings and bright clear afternoons but it was wet and stormy at the close.


Elterwater, Woodlands -A forward season. Max temp 56f on the 15th and 29th. Min 30f on the 23rd, frost in air on 4 days and on grass on 8days.

Shap, Copy Hill - March came like a lion and continued wet and windy for a considerable time., causing land and roads to be in a dreadful condition. On the 11th the weather began to be finer and favourable for sowing corn, but the end of the month was cold and wet snow and sleet having fallen on the mountains.


Elterwater, Woodlands - A very changeable month, splendid weather from the 6th to 11th inclusive, warm days and frosty nights, plants much damaged by frost. Max 63f on the 8th Min 25f 16th, frost on 8 days.

Shap, Copy Hill - The month began with cold winds from the East and NE and frosty nights, which checked vegetation, land fresh and green but in a wet state.


Elterwater, Woodlands - A splendid spring in this district. Max Temp 72f 18th. Min 30f 16th frost on grass on 8 days.

Shap, Copy Hill - For several days no rain fell and the land got very dry, the rivers were remarkably low for the time of year and in some instances water was hard to procure, this coupled with hot sun during the day and hard frosts at night was trying for the farmers, but on the 23rd and following days considerable quantities of rain fell


Elterwater, Woodlands - Max temp 74f on the 2nd and 30th. Min 36f 17th

Shap, Copy Hill - Rather wet, with much thunder and lightning hay time began about 27th, grass very good crop, corn, potatoes and turnips looking well.


Carlisle St James Road - The closing days of June and the first two days of July were beautifully fine, on the 3rd however rain began to fall and from that date to the close of the month the weather continued most unsettled, the amount of cloud was remarkable, not one morning or evening being absolutely clear.Under these circumstances the hay harvest was slow and tedious and much spoiled, corn crops toww suffered owing to the absence of sun and superabundance of moisture. Max temp 76f 13th and 15th. Min 35f 14th. Frost on grass on 1 day.

Elterwater - The wettest July since observations commenced in 1868. Max temp 72f 25th. Min 44f 8th.

Shap - Cold and wet, very trying for farmers, grass remarkably thick, but very little cut.


Carlisle St James Road - Beautiful summer weather prevailed during the early part of the month and no rain fell for eleven days but from the 14th it was very unsettled, rain frequent and heavy with an unusually large amount of cloud. harvest in consequence much retarded. Max Temp 76f 13th. Min 38f 31st

Elterwater, Woodlands- A cold August Max 73f 9th Min 38f 31st


Carlisle St James Road -Weather on the whole favourable for harvest operations. All the corn cut and most secured in excellant condition, temp remarkably low towards the close of the month. Max Temp 68.9f 9th. Min 34.3f 30th.

Elterwater, Woodlands - A fine September, with rainfall below average. Max 64f 7th. Min 37f 13th 19th and 30th


Elterwater, Woodlands - Max 65f 1st. Min 31f 26th. Frost on grass on 5 days.

Carlisle St James Road - The month opened with a high temp, the thermometer at 9am on the 1st was reading 17.5f higher than the previous day. SE winds , with overcast skies and dull. gloomy weather prevalent. Rain was frequent and the total amount large. Max 68f 1st 30.1f 26th, frost on 2 days, on grass on 9 days.


Carlisle St James Road - A succession of gales accompanied by very heavy rain during the first 10 days of the month, after which fine weather prevailed for a week, with keen frost, from the 18th to the end of the month was of a most stormy character. Max Temp 56.9f5th. Min 23c 15th. Frost in air 12days, on grass 19days.

Elterwater, Woodlands - Max 57f 6th.Min 25f 11th and 18th. Frost on 10 days.


Carlisle St James Road - The first week extremely cold, wet and disagreeable, with overcast sky and scarcely a blink of sunshine, winter fairly set in on the 5th when a cold NE wind brought frequent snow showers and keen frost prevailed for a fortnight. The remainder of the month was overcast with frequent rain.

Elterwater, Woodlands - Rainfall below average. Max temp 55f 27th Min 21f 11th and 12th. frost in air 15days.

Shap - The early part of the month was stormy, but quite seasonable, land very wet but fresh and green.

Observers notes on the year

Barrow-in-Furness - Rainfall 5.11in above the average of 10 years and the greatest amount for any year since 1877

Cartmel, Holker - Rainfall 5.50in above the average of 9years.July and November being the two wettest months.January and February were very mild and open but keen east winds and frosts in April proved very destructive to fruit blossoms, moderatley favourable weather prevailed both for hay and corn harvests. Mean temp 46.5f

Cartmel, Pit Farm - Very wet Jan,feb,March very mild. June and july cold and wet their temp and rainfall much the same as 1881. Crps had got on so well previously, that they were not stopped and turned out of good quantity though in some cases the quality was hurt by continuous rain.

Cartmel, Broughton Hall - Rainfall nearly 6in above the average and number of rainy days 34 above it.The year generally was warm and moist with temp. equable throughout, but with frequent sudden changes in 24hrs.

St Bees, Abbots Court - The rainfall of 1882 is the heaviest since 1877 and 2.43in above the average of 10 years.

Keswick Shu-le-Crow- An unusual amount of rain, July being very wet.

Whitehaven - Gilgarron Hall - Very wet and sunless, temp very low all the summer.

Cockermouth, Whinfell Hall - Rainfall 3.7in above the average of 26years.

Bassenthwaite, Mirehouse - Avery fine spring but cold ungenial summer, what seems to me remarkable is, that the crops were generally fair and that although rain fell on 26 days in July and very frequent in August and September, the bulk of the hay was fairly well got.

Cockermouth, Broughton Grange - a large number of days with small showers occurred than usual, but altogether the rainfall is 3.5in above the average.. A fair season for all crops, no excessive rains at any time.

Penrith, Fell lane- An unsually wet year and the quantity of rain much more evenly distributed throughout the yearthan is generally the case.

Blencowe School- The year began with heavy rains and sleet but the ealier months were unusually mild and uniform. Corn was got into the ground in good condition but the early part of June was wet. July was a dreasful month rain almost continuous. Seed grass was secured in poor condition and the early hay harvest generally very tedious.The early part of August made up for the lost time and some excellant work in the field was the result. Corn was cut in prime condition but the drying season was very slow, some crops being housed very late and in a wet state. The potatoe crop was fair but bad weather interfered with storage. The great drawback of the year was want of sun and heat.Rainfall slightly above average.

Carlisle, Wreay Vicarage- Rainfall 3.89in and number of rainy days 35, above the average of 6 years

Elterwater, Woodlands - The wettest year since 1877 and especially wet in summer, July being the wettest month of the year.

Ambleside - Total fall above the average the principal excess being July when 11.43in fell

Ambleside, Lesketh Howe - Rainfall nearly 6in above the average of 14 years.

Heavy Falls of Rain in 1882

24th May Seathwaite 4.51in, Loweswater Water End 2.50in, Cockermouth Brandlingill 2.08in

Seathwaites 4.51in ( 114mm) appears to have been the highest fall anywhere in 1882