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Principal Notes of Meteorology 1886

3rd January Elterwater Woodlands - Rain nearly all day and night 2.10in. Shap Copy Hill Dreadful gale all day, with heavy rain 1.83in.

7th January Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale and heavy snow.

12th January Shap, Copy Hill Rain, Hail sleet and snow

16th January Shap, Copy Hill Thunderstorm at night

17th January Shap, Copy Hill heavy snow

20th January Elterwater Woodlands - Skating on Elterwater

23rd January Shap, Copy Hill Great snow storm

25th January Shap, Copy Hill Gale, with snow showers

27th January Shap, Copy Hill Heavy snow

29th January Shap, Copy Hill Sleet and snow

31st January Broughton-in-Furness Snow and Hail. Shap, Copy Hill heavy snow

1st February Elterwater Woodlands Hail and sleet with thunder and lightning at times

7th February Shap, Copy Hill Dense fog ( same day in Newcastle it was a "fine spring-like day with lark and thrush singing)

8-11th February Elterwater Woodlands Dense fog daily

20th February Shap, Copy Hill Heavy fog

20th-22nd February snow on each day

1st March - Major snow storms Hest Bank (Lancashire just south of now what is Cumbria) Severest snow storm remembered drifts 7-8feet deep. Broughton-in-Furness severe snow storm causing deep drifts. Shap , Copy Hill Heavy snow and gale . East Wind mentioned in other reports.

1st-3rd March Keswick shu-le-crow Heavy snow

9th March Shap, Cop Hill Strong gale and hard frost

9th-15th March Elterwater Woodlands Skating on Rydal water daily, several hundreds being on the ice on the 12th

16-17th March Keswick shu-le-crow Snow storm

19th March Shap, Copy Hill Rain hail and snow

26th March Broughton-in-Furness Very heavy Rain 2.10 in 12hrs. Elterwater Woodlands Rain all day 2.71in

30th March A fine display of aurora, followed and Lightning and Thunder

31st March Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale all day

1st April Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale all day

3rd April Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale at night

5th April Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale all day

9th April Shap, Copy Hill Heavy fall of snow

9-10th April Shap, Copy Hill Heavy falls of snow, causing serious losses among lambs

16th April Shap, Copy Hill Hail

27th April Shap, Copy Hill Hail

29th April Shap, Copy Hill Cuckoo heard

5th May Shap, Copy Hill, Thunder

7th May Shap Copy Hill, Thunder

11th May Shap, Copy Hill, Hail and Snow

12th May Cartmel Holker Rain 2.73inch with frost at night, the day tem pm being only 35f. Cartmel Pit Farm Rain 2.04in. Shap, Copy Hill Rain hail and snow and thunder 1.01in. Crosby Ravensworth, Reagill Snow 8-10inches deep.

12th and 13th May Keswick , Shu-le-Crow Heavy Rain and snow

13th May Shap, Copy Hill Strong East gale with snow showers

16th May Shap, Copy Hill, snow showers

17th and 18th May Gale with heavy showers

9th June Shap, Copy Hill Thunderstorm 1335hrs

10th June Shap Loud Thunder. Appleby upwards of half an inch of rain in 20 minutes ( note Shap here is just Shap and not Shap, Copy Hill , possibly error or shortening by author)

15th June Shap strong gale all day.

23rd June Shap strong gale.

4th July Shap distant thunder

22nd July Shap gale all day

4th and 5th August Shap thunder

2nd September Thunder

8th September Strong gale

9th September Sedbergh Brig Flatts Rain 2.23in heaviest daily fall in 10 years

6-8th October Shap, Copy Hill Dense Fog

18th October Shap, Copy Hill Dense fog

20th October Shap, Copy Hill Thunder

23rd October Shap, Copy Hill dense fog

3rd November Shap, Copy Hill Strong gale with heavy rain 1.40in

22nd November Shap, Copy Hill dense fog all day

25th November Shap, Copy Hill dense fog all day

30th November Shap, Copy Hill Snow

1st December Whitehaven Heavy rain at 5pm and strong NW gale at 5.48pm a blinding flash of lightning followed immediately by a terrible crash of thunder and then hail as large as small peas for 10minutes. At 7pm sky clear but gale still blowing

8th December Grange Nutwood Pressure extremely low, but there was nothing approaching a gale and very little rain no trees blown down or serious damage done. Shap, Copy Hill Gale with rain and snow 1.26in rain

26th December Shap, Copy Hill Rain Hail and snow- This date appears to have been a huge snow event hitting the south of the country in particular and heavy rain in other areas.

1886 Monthly Summaries from Weather Stations in the old Cumberland, Westmoreland and North Lancashire.


Elterwater, Woodlands - Very cold and showery

Shap, Copy Hill - Remarkably changeable, heavy showers of rain, then hard frost for a few hours, which made traveling both dangerous and extremely difficult, then heavy falls of snow which drifted in many places. The latter part of the month was one continual fall of snow which lay at the close to a very great depth; walls were not seen, lanes were quite full and roads and railway were hard to keep open; many small birds died though the frost was not so keen as has been known before. Some fine displays of aurora were seen.


Shap, Copy Hill - very seasonable. Most of the January snow was till lying, at the close of this month, in heavy drifts behind the walls and in narrow lanes, some of which were quite full. Keen frost prevailed and farm work was at a standstill


Shap - Cold and unsettled; the wettest March since observations commenced.


Shap, Copy Hill - The early part of the month was miserably cold and very wet, with strong gales; rivers were full and in some places land under water; a very bad seed time. Afterwards dry and cold, with frosts at night, which kept grass very backward


Shap - stormy; the heavy fall of snow on the 12th and 13th May 1886 caused great loss among the lambs and fears were entertained that fruit crops had suffered through the high winds. The close of the month was specially wet.


Shap, Copy Hill The first day of the month was wet and very cold and frosts at night did much harm to fruit during the first fortnight after the 14th dry and warm.


Cartmel Holker - Rain 7.04in, the last three weeks being very wet

Shap The early part dry and warm and for the most part bright and clear; water scarce in many fields. After the 9th rain fell in great quantities and grass improved.


Shap - Wet and very favourable for the harvest


Shap, Copy Hill Very cold and stormy, with strong gales Snow on 14 days.

Observers notes on the year 1886

Barrow-in-Furness Rain 9.36in above averageof 14 years and the greatest since 1877 when 54.20in fell

Cartmel Holker Rain 11.5in above the average of 12 years. A late spring was followed by a very moderate summer, with remarkable heat.

Cartmel Pitt Farm - About the wettest year remembered, with nine days on which upwards of an inch of rain fell. harvest very protracted; : wheat cutting on August 26th and the carting of oats was completed on October 25th. A heavty snow storm occurred at the beginning of March, several sheep being covered by drifts and the Furness railway blocked near Kirkby and Miltown. Rain was 13.74in above the average of 8 years.

Cartmel, Broughton Hall - Rain 7.12in above the average of 18 years and only exceeded during that period in 1872 and 1877 an unsually large number of wet days on nine of which more than an inch of rain fell. In November rain fell on every day but one. July, September and October were very wet and with November more than brought up to the average the light rain of the earlier six months.

Whitehaven, Irish Street. Rain 5.44in above the average of 10years

Cockermouth, Whinfell Hall rain 4.34in above the average of 31 years

Cockermouth, Broughton Grange Rain 6in above the average with an unusual number of heavy falls, seven exceeding 1in. A very wet autumn again retarted the ripening of crops and fruits but no serious damage was done

Blencowe School - Rain 7in above the average of average of 16 years. On 7 occassions more than 1in fell in 24hrs and on four others nearly 1in fell. The corn harvest, in the matter of cutting, was splendid but rain set in on the 25th september and completley spoiled the crop. Great mildness prevailed till the end of November. Snow lay on the hills on November 7th but not in the valley till December 7th, a rare occurrence. Close, sultry weather scarcely prevailed at all, and the summer passed without thunder.

Carlisle, Wreay Vicarage rain 4.41in above the average of 10 years

Bowness, Fallbarrow, Very wet in the early and later months, especially in January and December. June was exceptionally fine.

Ambleside, Nook Cottage. Rain above the average in January, September and December, about the average in the other months.

Crosby Ravensworth, Reagill . The oldest people here saythey have never known so stormy a year nor one so bad for farming. In the early part there were several heavy falls of snow with rapid thaws for a time, then sudden change to hard frost. The time for both hay and corn harvest was very wet; the corn crops were much damaged and were not secured until late in October a considerable part not till late in November.