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On the Meteorology of 1888

Transcribed from the Diary entries British Rainfall 1888


4th - Shap, Copy Hill - Strong gale all day.

9th/10th - Shap, Copy Hill - Fine and warm, like May birds singing

10th/11th - Uldale - Fog

11th - Shap, Copy Hill - Fog such as is seen in Manchester or London


19th - Shap, Copy Hill -Strong East Gale

19th/20th - Penrith Kirkland Vicarage - Helm Wind

19th - General entry of heavy falls of snow with deep drifts causing much hindrance to railway traffic


19th - Shap- Thunderstorm in the afternoon.


14th -Not Cumbria but intresting non the less - Snow storm, see (Met Mag July Pg91)


10th - Snow fell at night on the highest mountains of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Skiddaw was white next morning

25th - Blencowe School -A waterspout burst (Near Kirkoswald) and completley carried away the surface of three acres of land, together with sheep and bridges, the Raven being 2ft higher than ever before known

Shap, Copy Hill - Heavy thunderstorm with hail in evening .65in of rain fell in 23 mins


2nd - Shap, Copy Hill -Heavy rain storm at 1110am, some of the hail stones being as large as nuts and quite hard.

11th - Penrith Kirland - Helm Wind

24th - Shap, Copy Hill - Strong SW Gale


1st - Shap, Copy Hill - Heavy fall of snow

25-27th -Longsleddale Rain 7.16in followed by great floods on the later date (182mm)

26-28th - Shap - Strong gale with 7.01in of rain fell in three days

27th - Bowness, Fallbarrow Rain 2.45in, heaviest for 7 years - Ambelsid, Lesketh Howe heaviest rain for 20 years 4.08in (103mm) - Patterdale Hall. Rain 4.45in more than 1inch larger than any other fall in 24hrs during 10 years.

28th - Keswick, Barrow House - Rain 4inches, the largest recordin one daysince the gauge was fixed in 1867 - Keswick, Derwent Island - An exceptional flood, Derwentwater standing at noon 8ft 1inch above its level on the 25th.

Observers notes on the Months


Uldale Rectory - A very open month, remarkably free from snow


Shap, Copy Hill - Seasonable, with severe frosts at times., snow almost daily from the 10th-26th with East or North East winds and some drifts.. Water getting scare at the close.


Uldale Rectory - Most unpleasant and changeable, frequent snow and frost and cold NE and NW Winds.


Uldale - The weather, though somewhat cold, was not unfavourable for agricultural operations, which were well forward at the close - Shap - Cold with North and NE winds.


Shap, Copy Hill - Commented with strong winds and heavy showers followed by a week or so of cold dry weather with frost at night, the second half of the month fine and seasonable.


Uldale Rectory -The weather of the month was almost all that could be desired, for though East winds prevailed, the temp was warm and agreeable - Shap fine and very hot at times.


Uldale cold and wet, rain on 20days and the total amount of rain large. Crossfell Kirkland -The wettest July remembered, though a great deal of rain fell in September 1887.


Uldale Rectory - Very cloudy, no glimpse of sunshine for four days together and though rain was not excessive it fell on 17days but so far crops do not appear to have suffered.


Uldale - Great improvement this month in temperature and rain. Fog on the 22nd and three followin days, fogs are very rare occurrence here.. On the whole, very favourable for harvest - Shap, Copy Hill - The fine weather enabled the farmersto gather in an abundant crop of hay in good condition, about the middle of the month. Barley harvest began on the 18th. Some fields of corn were quite green nearly to the close, but harvest was progressing fast.


Ambleside, Nook Cottage - The rain of the early part of the month was very slight and there were 16 rainless days, but in the last week 10.03in rain fell, the largest amount recorded in 14years. -Shap, Copy Hill - from the 5th-23rd quite summerlike and at times very hot, water scarce in some places.


Uldale rectory - very mild with many flowers in bloom to the close only one touch of frost, a constant succession of gales from the SW and West - Shap - Very wet throughout, with strong winds and frequent gales.


Uldale Rectory - Very mild and free from fog and snow.

Observers Notes on the Year 1888

Barrow-in-Furness, Cavendish Park - Rain 2.16in below the average of 16years and number of rainy days three below the average.

Arkholme, Storrs Hall - A cold dry spring,wet summer and very mild autumn. Snow Fell on 1st October, no further fall occurred to the end of the year.

Cartmel, Holker - Rain 8.50inch below the average of 14 years. The first 6 months were dry, followed by a wet July. September was a dry, fine sunny month. October 1st was remarkable for the damage done by the heavy snowstorm and sharp frost at night. The weather cleared again and continued open to the end of the year.

Ulverston, Poaka Beck - Rain 0.25in above the average. The distribution throughout was irregular. At the end of the 1st half the fall was 26% below average. January,February and September was very dry, July and November very wet, the former, being 91% above the average.

Cartmel, Pitt Farm - Dry till the end of Juneabout twice as much rain falling in the last 6 months as in the first six.

Cartmel, Broughton Hall- Remarkable for the extreme dryness of the first 6 months and alos of the whole year, which following 1887 has reduced the average from 51.19in for 18years to 49.58in for 20years.

Ulverston, Colton - Rain 6.09in below the average of 14years

Hawkshead, Grizedale Hall - A very wet year but not remarkable for its total fall, which is much below 1886, though above 1887: 4.19in rain fell in three days, October 25th to 27th and it was very wet from November 12th to 27th, more than 0.10in falling on each day.

Heavy Falls in Short periods 1888

October 27th

Borrowdale, Seathwaite 4.57in 3.8%

Thirlmere, Wythburn 5.20in 5.4%

Borrowdale Vicarage - 4.80in 5.1%

Buttermere, Hassness 4.56in 4.8%

Borrowdale Grange 4.61in 5.4%

Shap, Copy Hill 3.50in 6.6%

The 27th October was the last of three wet days and it produced a flood of unsual volume even for the lake district. It will be of interest to give the fall on each of three consecutive days

<col width="64" span="8" />
Seathwaite Wythburn Borrowdale Vic Borrowdale Grange Buttermere Barrow House Keswick P.O.
25th 1.50 1.94 1.46 1.55 1.85 1.29 0.87
26th 3.56 3.78 3.38 3.15 3.21 2.35 1.22
27th 4.57 5.20 4.80 4.61 4.56 4.00 2.41
Total 9.63 10.92 9.64 9.31 9.62 7.64 4.50

Maximum Falls in 1888

October 27th - Wythburn Vicarage 5.20in ( wettest place in the UK 1888) 132mm

End of entries.