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On the Meteorology of 1889


17th - Shap, Copy Hill - Strong Gale


5th - Uldale - Heavy snow turning to rain

23rd and 24th - Seathwaite Vicarage Rain 2.86in causing floods.

26th Ulpha - Heavy gale from the NW


4th-7th - Broughton-in-Furness Thunderstorms Daily

6th - Seathwaite Vicarage - Thunderstorm with hail

7th - Kirkland Vicarage - Thunderstorm - Natland Park - two horses killed during violent Thunderstorm. Shap, Copy Hill - Violent Thunderstorm or hail and lightning.

11th Cartmel, Pit Farm Severe Thunderstorm with 0.71in, heifer killed on Cartmel Fell


1st - Cross Fell, Kirkland - Violent Thunderstorm

2nd - Duddon Hall - heavy Thunderstorm with 1.04in - Broughton-in-Furness Heavy Thunderstorm with 1.15in of rain, about 0.80in fell in 30mins. Sedbergh, Brig Flats Terrific Thunderstorm, large pieces of ice about the size of an old fashioned penny piece, fell:clear ice in the centre but white round the edges. Melmerby - Severe Thunderstorms rainfall 1.43in. Shap Copy Hill Hevy thunderstorm 2.10in of rain and very vivid lightning

3rd June-9thJuly - Edenhall Vicarage, Prtial drought of 36 days with 0.22inch of rain

14th June- 6th July - Kendal - Hilltop 23 consecutive days without rain

15th June - 5th July Edenhall Vicarage. Absolute drought for 21days. Keswick, Shu le Crow, no rain for 21days


13th-14th - Broughton-in-Furness. In 6 hrs 1.76in of rain fell.


25th - Shap - snow on the ground which soon melted but remained on the hills all day.


8th -Seathwaite Vicarage Thunder, lightning, hail and heavy rain


1st - Shap, Copy Hill - Gale all day.

25th-26th - Broughton-in-Furness -Snow - Borrowdale Vicarage Melted snow . Ulpha Vicarage Snow fell heavily

Observers Notes on the Months of 1889


Ulpha - With the exception of the last four days, the month was remarkable for freedom from rain and frost. Some days were dark, but many were very sunny and there was an absence of storms until the last few days when rough weather set in

Uldale Rectory - Extremley mild and open throughout, with an almost total absence of storms and wind

Shap, Copy Hill - The first half dry and cold with heavy fogs at times, the 22nd and 25th were very warm and it was cold again at the end of month.


Seathwaite Vicarage - Mild with little frost and less snow


Seathwaite Vicarage - Comparatively mild with rain somewhat less than average.


Seathwaite Vicarage - Rather disappointing, being cold with a more than usual proportion of showery days. The upper fells white with snow or hail in the second week.

Uldale Rectory - On the whole mild and seasonable

Shap, Copy Hill - A cold month


Seathwaite Vicarage - Unusually wet with steady high temp and no frost.


Broughton-in-Furness, Ulpha - Warm and bright almost throughout

Esthwaite Lodge - With only 2.47in of rain from May12th to the end of June it is perhaps superflous to state that water was becoming scarce and the country much burnt


Seathwaite Vicarage - A fair amount of rain but the temperature after the first week rather low. No thunder throughout the month.

Nether Wasdale Vicarage - The rain though abundant came steadily and so was beneficial

Uldale Rectory - Rain on 13days but total was far short of what is required as all the lakes and rivers were very low at the close. Temp equable and rather low


Keswick, Shu-le-Crow - The wettest August since 1881

Uldale Rectory - Rain unusually heavy and temps mild and equable

Shap, Copy Hill - A wet month only the last two days being free from rain


Broughton-in-Furness Seathwaite - After the first week the weather was cold and rainy with very little sunshine ( Seathwaite location appears to have been reclassified)

Uldale Rectory - First half fine andfine and pleasant, second half cold and wet, with frost on 22nd.


Seathwaite Vicarage. Unsually mild with more than the average rain

Uldale - wet and disagreeable, with very short intervals of fair weather

Ulpha Vicarage -Generally mild and open with some heavy storms and large rain


Broughton-in-Furness Seathwaite Vicarage - Mild with very little sunshine till the last week, when the weather became cold and wintry ( Further change of Seathwaite location)

Mealsgate, Uldale Rectory - Unusually dull and foggy with small rain ( Mealsgate now added to Uldale description)

Eskdale Vicarage - Very wet at tye commencement of the month. Snow towards the close but all gone by the end.

Ulpha Vicarage- With the exception of three or four days of sunshine, the month was uniformly and exceptionally dark


Seathwaite Vicarage - Raw, cold and sunless with little frost and almost an entire absence of snow

Ulpha Vicarage - Generally dark and cloudy with very few bright days

Shap, Copy Hill - Fine and mild, more like September

Observers notes on the Year 1889

Barrow-in-Furness - Rain 0.59in below the average of 17years and number of wet days 3 above the average.

Holker Gardens - Rain five inches below the average of 15years. May very fine, without frosts and June very hot and dry no rain falling after the 14th till July 9th

Broughton Hall - Another dry year with 6.84in of rain less than the average of 21 years. Eight months had an almost equal fall of between 3 and 4inches. August and October had the heaviest falls with an aggregate of more than a quarter of the years total while June and September were exceptionally dry.

Ulverston, Colton Rain 6.72in less than the average of the 18years ending 1886

Esthwaite Lodge -The spring was early without a check and June was hot and ry. No Rain falling for 21days after the 14th. The fall of July was not sufficient to penetrate more that two of three inches and springs were all dry and water scarce. The rain for the year is 14inches below the average, showing a total deficiency on the three years 1887 to 1889 of 53 inches.

Whitehaven - Rain 6.71 in below the average of 13 years

Keswick, Shu-le-Crow - Rain the smallest recorded in any year except 1887

Cockermouth, Whinfell Hall Rain more than 10in below the average and with the exception of 1871 and 1887 the smallest of 34years

Carlisle, Wreay Vicarage - Rain 5.22in below the average of ten years ending 1885. Springs failed in June but were revived in July and August

Ambleside, Nook Cottage - Rain 18inches below the average and with the exception of 1887 the least registered during 15years

Kirkby Stephen - With one exception (1887) the smallest rain in 25years and nearly 6in below the average.

Heavy Falls in 24hours in 1889 ( selected Cumbria Stations)

24th March - Broughton-in-Furness, Cockley Beck) 3.68in

19th December Seathwaite 3.86in Wythburn Vicarage 2.54in Borrowdale Vicarage 2.69in, Buttermere, Hassness 3.75in, Borrowdale, Grange 2.53in

Maximum Falls in 1889 ( Country Records)

Wettest Cumbrian day 19th December Seathwaite 3.86 ( yearly Total 106.24in)

Droughts in 1889

Blencowe School - Penrith Absolute Drought 15th June- 5th July 21days.

End report