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Observers Notes On the days 1909


21st - Seathwaite - Dense Fog


2nd - Seathwaite - Snow 7.5" deep

6th - Seathwaite - Snow 9" deep


12th - Carke-in-Cartmel - Beautiful triple rainbow at 5pm

23rd - Kendal -Holmcroft - Rain measuring 2.18in, caused the greatest flood for 11 years


10th -Kendal - The river overflowed into the town

Very few notes from the Cumbria area, compared with previous editions.

Observers notes on the Months 1909


Broughton-in-Furness - The driest January since 1897 and the third driest in 30 years. Strong winds and damp, mild weather in the first three weeks, then frosty and cold.


Broughton-in-Furness - The first 21days were mostly fine with only .39" rain on 5 days. but the last 10 days 8 were wet and had 3.02" rain. Frosts at the beginning and in the middle of the month did a good deal of damage to potatoes.


Broughton-in-Furness -The wettest July in 37years record and with .49" more rain than 1879, the previous wettest. Mean temp 57.2f which was much below the average.


Broughton-in-Furness -The coldest and sunniest November of the last 12 years and the fourth driest in 35years.


Broughton-in-Furness- The wettest December since 1891. More than 1" rain fell on each of 4 days.

Observers notes on the Year 1909

Arkholme, Storrs Hall -in spite of a fair amount of bright sunshine the weather was rather disagreeable and disappointing. The getting in of the hay was seriously interfered with by the wet July. August was also wet, and a wet October damaged the grain crop F. F Pearson.

Broughton-in-Furness - There was a deficiency in the rain at the end of each of the first six months, but the heavy fall in July caused the aggregate at the end of that month to be 4 inches in excess. This excess was maintained until the end of October, but wonderfully dry November reduced the amount to almost the average. The heavy rain of December gave an excess for the year of 4.36" above the average of 10 years - Chas P Chambers F.R.Met.Soc.

Millom, Leyfield. Rain 2.56" above the average of 19years, wholly due to the heavy fall in December - Cedric Vaughan

Seascale, Whinthwaite. rain 5.37" above the average of 20years, Robert Hellon

Braystones - Rain 8.82" above the average of 36years. H.H. Watson

Egremont, The Grange. Rain above the average. Corn crops were good but a month late in ripening owing to the wet summer, then heavy October rain completly spoiled large quantities. Root crops, especially turnips, were below the average. John Sherwen.

Ullock - Rain 4.76" above the average of 15years. A cold backward year and avery difficult one for securing crops. J.H. Walker

Cockermouth, Whinfell Hall. There was such a dearth of rain in May and early June that crops could not grow. The hay harvest was spoiled by bad weather. The heavy rain on July 23rd, 24th and 25th flooded two large meadows and washed away that which was lying cut and spoiled the uncut crop. The heavy floods occurred from October 12th and 24th which completely spoiled the after crop of grass and made it unsafe to put sheep on. F.M Peile.