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== Geltsdale Rain Gauge Nr Castle Carrock, Brampton, CUMBRIA

 NY 35 575537 750ft ASL. 229m ==

The rain gauge at Geltsdale was installed around 1897 following the construction of the reservoir at Castle Carrock. The main river that feeds the reservoir is the River Gelt and there are various pumping stations along its course which transfer the water into the reservoir.

It would appear the sighting of the rain gauge has changed very little over that period and therefore it allows for over 100 years of accurate rainfall record to be produced. It was in 1920 when the first records appear in the British Rainfall Volumes and for many years monthly rainfall was also included. With the help of the Met office I have been able to fill in some missing gaps in the data. However there are no records for 1993, I understand that this is when a new automatic tipping gauge was installed, perhaps following from the loss of a manual observer?

Some of the data available had already been rounded up to the nearest millimetre so while I was converting from inches to millimetres I have removed the decimal point. I hope you find the data useful, I have tried to transcribe the data as accurately as possible but errors are possible. Please let me know if you have any further information on Geltsdale and the rain gauge, perhaps you may know someone that checked the gauge?


Main Monthly Rainfall and Averages 1920-2011




Rainfall per Decade


Rainfall records


Rainfall by Decades and Half Century