Newton Rigg Rainfall

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Newton Rigg, Near Penrith, Cumbria

Rainfall Data 1900-2012.

Newton Rigg, situated just to the west of Penrith is an official Met’ Office site and with well over 100 years of continual records it is one of the more important sites in Cumbria, especially as it sits in the lee of the Lakeland mountains. From 1883 a site existed nearby at Newton Reigny, with Newton Rigg taking over in 1903 when recording ceased at Netwon Reigny. However, the first observer at Newton Rigg appears to have treated Newton Rigg and Newton Reigny as one homogeneous record – he often compared rainfall at Newton Rigg to the mean annual rainfall commencing in 1883. The figures provided below include the figures from Newton Reigny for 1900-02 so as to provide a more appropriate starting point in this series, but as you will see, 1924, 1950 and 1956 are marked as ‘No Entries’ which is due to those years having incomplete data. But this is a fine record and provides a fine contrast to other local sites, especially to those within the nearby Lake District. Also the Met’O have released all the monthly data for Newton Rigg back to 1959 and which you will also find on this wiki or the Met’ Offices own website.






Compiled by Darren Rogers