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Pennine Snow Report 2004-2012
Since 2004 I have been recording notes on the snowfall across the North Pennines, from Great Dun Fell northwards to Cold Fell, including the highest areas around Crossfell at 2,903feet. On some days the fells have been obscured by low cloud and hill fog. The results can be found below and are focused on trying to observe the last surviving snow patch.  Some months are missing for no apparent reason and may have been lost with subsequent changes in computers  (GDF means Great Dun Fell)
January 2004
1st - Snow down to all levels from overnight fall -  drifting above 1000ft
2nd -  Thaw -  isolated drifted sections only, DEEPER DRIFTS ABOVE 2000FT ( Crossfell )
3rd-6th as above
7th - Crossfell summit and below, mostly covered by drifted snow from 1st 9TH
10th Dusting of snow on summits above 2200ft
13th- Snow overnight down to 1700ft, thin cover
(cloud covered all day unable to assess upper slopes)
15th - Snow all levels from 3pm - slight drifting above 2000ft
16th   Thaw of snow on lower slopes - snow still present above 2000ft
17th - Fresh fall all levels. Total depth now at 2200ft 25cm
18th/19th - Rain rapid thaw - patches only above 2300ft on Cross fell Eastern sides
20-24th- peaks in the clouds- patches only
25th-27th, no report
28th- Snow down to all levels, drifting on higher fells, max depth 10cm
29th- Snow still present
30th- Rapid thaw, heavy rain -  drifted patches only
31st - After a day of heavy rain, snow set in about 1000ft by 1800hrs- 4cm depth at higher levels - thawed by the morning
February 2004
There was a thaw of snow during the first week of February but Patches of Snow on the Eastern Slopes of Crossfell remained throughout the whole month, some of these areas of snow were sheltered from the snow and were several feet deep.
 Snow returned to the all the Pennines on the 7th, when showers of hail quickly turned to a period of snow last several hours, giving a covering of 10cm on higher sections with some drifting. Most of this snow again had melted by 9th.
 Apart from an occasional dusting the next major snowfall occurred on the 24th February, when snow set in during the late afternoon a period of moderate to heavy snowfall then occurred bringing problems to the roads over the Pennines, the snow eased late evening and the temperatures fell quickly. The snow from this fall remained on the fells until the end of the month and was further topped up with a further snowfall on the 26th which was the highest snowfall of the season. Approximately 15cm of level snow fell in Alston with considerable drifting, all the routes over the Pennines were impassable for a while during the evening of the 26th, the village of Nenthead received 20cm of level snow.

There was a slight thaw towards the end of the month at lower elevations but the Pennines above 1500ft remained with complete cover, some of the snow that had drifted again the walls on the more exposed sections was in excess of 3-4feet
March 2004
1st- 2nd Slow thaw continues
3rd- Sleet Observed above 2000ft as rain moves in - thaw
7th- Snow showers down to valley level
8th/9th - General snow line above 2100ft, old drifted patches below this level
10th/11th- fresh thin layer above 2000ft
12th - dusting in places overnight
Crossfell as full cover down to 2000ft
13th - slight thaw. Crossfell maintaining cover down to 2000ft
14th - thaw continues on Crossfell
14th-18th - just a few small patches above 2000ft
19th -  Fresh Fall down to 2000ft
20th -  Mostly melted again, back to a few patches
22nd - Fall of snow overnight on the highest of the Pennines above 2000ft
23rd- Snow still present above 2000ft -  hail showers
24th/25th -  light snowfall above 2000ft
26th - thaw of remaining snow -  patches on Eastern Crossfell and Great Dun Fell Only, lowest patch approximately 2200ft
27th-31st - Only a few patches now remain on the Eastern Slopes of Crossfell and Great Dun Fell
Snow has been present though on every day this month.
November 2004
18th - Light snowfall above 1000ft
19th - Snow still present, snowline approximately 1200ft, thin cover
20th -  Snow still present
21st - All gone by noon, no trace of additional falls
22nd -nil
28th - Light dusting above 22000ft ( Crossfell)
29th -  snow still present
30th -  patchy snow only.
January 2005
1st Jan - Hail and sleet showers from mid afternoon
2nd Jan - Covering down to 1200ft - thin, some drifting higher up
3rd A few patches on Crossfell only
4th Patches
5th-7th, No Snow
8th - snow above 1400ft - thin cover
9th   snow still present
10th - a few small patches on Crossfell only
11th - a few small patches on Crossfell only
14th - Snow present above 2200ft, thin cover
15th - All gone
17th - Falling snow by noon, down to low levels by eve, max depth 5cm above 2000ft
18th - Further snow in the morning, drifting above 2000ft, drifts to 6feet in places, level snow max 10cm
19th - Steady thaw
20-23rd - patches only, mainly Crossfell eastern flanks
24th -Thin cover above 1400feet
25-31st - A few odd patches left at the end of the month
February 2005
1st-12th - A few isolated patches on the Eastern side of Crossfell
13th - Snow showers down to low levels, 2cm above 2000ft
14th - Patches only above 2000ft
15th - Brief Thin cover all levels
16th - Patches higher levels
19th -Snow showers, thin cover all levels
20th - still present
21st-Snow showers pm, beginning to build on higher slopes
22nd - Snow showers all day
23rd -Snow showers, becoming deep now in places, road closures with severe drifting
24th- Heavy snow overnight and much of the day 1foot of level snow at 1000feet, unable to access any higher due to considerable drifting and road closures, drifts at sides of the road at 1700ft, in excess of 15feet
25th - A little fresh snow overnight, extensive drifts even at 1000feet, 1foot level snow, all high roads blocked around Alston
26th - A little further snow, roads still blocked
27th - Roads re-opening, extensive drifting - Possibly heaviest snowfall since 1987
28th - Dusting overnight - no thaw
March 2005
Lost report
April 2005
7th - Snow down to approx 1000ft
8th - Some Cover above 2000ft
9th-13th  - Some thin patches
14th - Snow down to 1500ft -  thin cover
15th - Further snow fall in the evening, down to 1000ft, 6cm on higher sections, with drifting. Temporary road closures
16th - Patches level above 1500ft -  good cover on Crossfell
17th - 29th - Just a few Patches visible
30th - One small patch on Eastern Flank
May 2005
8th - Snow showers down to 2000ft in the afternoon
9th Thin cover down to 2,200ft, brief snow showers down to 1000ft
10th all gone
17th - brief snow fall evening 17th above 2000ft
18th thin cover on Crossfell down to 2,400ft - all gone by midday
November 2005
First fall 25th November - down to 1500ft
26th November -  fresh snow overnight, snow level 400m, quite thick above 800m, drifting to 4 feet on summits, 2,800ft
27th November - still present
28th November -  still present
29th November - Still Present, thaw
30th November - Patches only
December 2005
1st-14th - thin strip of snow on the western edge of Crossfell Summit, otherwise all remaining patches quickly melted
18th - Brief thin cover above 900ft late afternoon
19th - 26th All clear
26th - Light snowfall sighted summits of Pennines
27th  - Snow showers overnight- 4-5cm
28th  _ Further showers overnight 10cm cover, a little drifting on higher fells
29th - Snow still present - light snow eve, some drifting
30th - Light snow and snow on higher fells during the day, rapid thaw
31st - Patches only
January 2006
1st Jan - Touch of fresh snow on the summits. general cover down to 2,400, drifted old snow lower down
2nd - 25th A few old patches on the eastern flank of Crossfell
26th-28th- some light snow above 2,000ft - 2cm at best on Crossfell
29th-31st  Snow level approx 2,200ft, very thin cover, summit of Crossfell remaining quite white 
February 2006
1st February -  most of the snow on Crossfell quickly melted in the inversion - +13c on GDF
2-7th - 4 very small patches Eastern Flank of Crossfell
8th - Thin dusting above 2000ft
9th-10th Old patches only
11th-  Dusting all levels
12th - 14th  Back to the small patches
15th - Snowfall above 2,000ft late evening
16th - Overnight snow, down to 1500ft - Good Cover on Crossfell above 2,200ft
17th -19th  Cover Remaining above 2,200ft, Crossfell only
20th - Snow Showers overnight, down to 1400ft, Good Cover above 2,000ft
21st - Snow Showers throughout the day, down to 1000ft, Good Cover above 2,000ft
22nd-  Good cover above 1600ft - 20cm above 2,400, Crossfell Looking great, some drifting
23rd - Moderate snow down to 500ft - heavy snow above 1000ft, rain eve thaw
24th - Good cover above 2,200ft, thaw below, patches only
25th - Snow shower afternoon, above 1500ft
26th - Good cover above 2000ft
27th - Snow afternoon above 1600ft, heavy eve, down to 1000ft
28th - No fresh snow, Thick cover now above 2000ft, approx 40cm with deeper drifts

Crossfell and GDF have a good cover of snow since 15th February, above 2,200ft height, they look absolutely fantastic
March 2006
Good Thick cover remained throughout the first half of the month, especially over 2000ft
12th March  - Severe Blizzards throughout the day, level snow depth not high but the wind created some impressive drifting
16th March -  Heavy snow showers, maintaining cover
25th March onwards -  Rapid thaw of snow
26-31st MARCH - Only patches remaining on the very tops, some large areas of snow on the NE face of Crossfell and the western facing ridge
April 2006
Large Patches on Crossfell NE face and Western Ridge
3rd  -  Fresh snow above 2,400ft
7th -  Heavy snowfall late afternoon early evening down to 1800ft
8th Further snow overnight, thick cover re-established on Crossfell and GDF, snow level rising during the day to approx 2000ft
9th Heavy snow showers during the afternoon, good cover above 2,200ft
10th Snow still present
12th - onwards thaw of snow, from the 14th just patches on the NE slope and extreme western ridge of Crossfell

By the end of the month there are just some patches on the NE Slopes of Crossfell
May 2006
-15th -Small patches remaining NE Face of Crossfell
16th -  All gone
22nd May -  Snow falling above 2500ft
23rd May -  Visible snow line at approx 2600
24th May -  Snow overnight, down to 2,000feet, quickly melted by noon
November 2006
11th - Brief cover of Hail 2pm. Yad Moss
17th - Snow falling by mid-evening above 1500ft
18th - Good cover above 1600ft
19th - Further snow overnight, down to 1200ft, 6 " reported above 2,500ft ( Local mountain rescue team, lost one of their Land Rovers, stuck in the snow high up on Crossfell, following day they returned to find it had slipped down the fell either by a small avalanche or mud slide, took several days to recover )
20th - Snow loss overnight, western slopes no snow, eastern slopes above 2,100 patchy cover. Snow showers after 8pm, settling above 1800ft
21st-29th - Thaw, just a few drifted patches on the North East slopes of Crossfell.
December 2006
1st-2nd No snow
3rd - Brief snow above 1500ft in heavy shower
4th-14th No snow
15th - snow overnight down to 2,200ft, snow falling all day above 2000ft, FL lowered to 1700ft by the end of the day, cover at lower levels very slight. Good coverage above 2,200ft
16th Yesterdays snow all but gone below 2,400ft
17th- 24th Cover above 2,400ft only, very top of Crossfell and Great Dun Fell, decreasing each day
24-26th - excessive riming above 1800ft
27th- Fresh snow down to 1000ft by early evening, several inches above 2000ft
28th Thaw, Top section of Crossfell only above 2400ft
28th-31st - NE Top section of Crossfell, a few patches only.
January 2007
1st - A few wintry showers on the very tops late evening, a little snow left in patches from last year on Crossfell only NE flanks
2nd- Snow down to 2,100ft, thin and patchy
3rd-9th - no snow
10th -  Snow overnight down to 1600ft 1cm - good covering above 2,200ft
11th - All gone
12th - A few snow showers during the evening above 1500ft, not settling
13th-15th -  no snow
16th - Some small patches of snow visible on NE Ridge of Crossfell only - a few flurries reported late evening above 1000ft
17th - Some small patches left on NE ridge of Crossfell, snow showers from late morning, several cm,s by dusk. Snow level down to 1200ft
18th - Some heavy snow for a time during the early hours, down to 1400ft, drifting of snow above 2000ft, 3-4cm level depth. Thaw during the afternoon below 2000ft, good cover still present above this height
19th-22nd - Snow showers mainly above 2000ft, good covering developing on highest slopes
23rd - Good cover above 2000ft
24th - Fresh snow showers overnight, dusting down to 500ft, High Pennines have full cover especially over 2000ft
25th - Fresh snow overnight down to 1000ft, above 2000ft snow level 10cm, with some drifting. Thaw below 2000ft during the day, Good skiing on Yad Moss, Alston
26th - 31st - rapid snow loss, by the end of the month just a few sparse drifted section on the Western summit of Crossfell and few patches on the NE face ( minimal)
February 2007
1st-6th February -  Slight snow still persisting on the western ridge of the Summit of Crossfell, Some minor drifts on the NE flanks
7th - Some riming above 1900ft
8th - Slight fall of snow
9th - Snow from 9am - 4cm above 2000ft
10th - Snow all day in the High Pennines above 1000ft, 10cm level snow above 2000ft, considerable drifting to 4-5ft against walls
11th - Further snowfall of 4cm overnight above 1700ft - thaw setting in by mid morning. Substantial snow loss below 2000ft, higher slopes maintaining snow
12th-28th - only patches of drifted snow remaining, gradually thinning as the week went along . By the last day of the month there were only a few isolated small patches mainly on Crossfell
March 2007
1st March - Just a few patches remaining
2nd March - Thin cover of fresh snow overnight down to 2000ft
3rd March - Slight cover above 2,200ft on Crossfell
4th March - Slight cover above 2,200ft on Crossfell
5th March-11th March, just three small patches on NE section of Crossfell
12th - 17th  Down to just one small patch on Crossfell
18th - Snow showers overnight and through the day, good cover above 2000ft, snow down to all levels by 4pm - Drifts several feet high above 1500ft
19th - Snow remaining above 1,400ft where 10cm level snow with some deep drifts the higher up you go. Crossfell looking its whitest all winter, further snow showers during the afternoon, temp blizzard conditions.
20th - Snow remaining above 1600ft, thaw below this level
21st - Snow remaining, light snow reported during the evening above 1600ft
22nd - Thaw overnight as temps rose - still plenty of snow above 2000ft and drifted section at lower levels
23rd -25th - loss of nearly all the snow, just an odd patch on Crossfell
26th - Light snowfall above 1800ft during the morning
27th-31st Thaw of lying snow by the end of the month one very small patch on Crossfell visible
April 2007
Apri1st-4th - one very small patch on Crossfell
5th-30th April - no snow
November 2007
1-17th November, no snowfall observed
18th - Snow overnight down to 1800ft, approx 3cm, wet and slushy. Good cover above 2,300ft
19th - Further light snow fall above 2,200ft, thaw below

20th - Thaw of lying snow, small patches only on Crossfell
21st - 25th No snow
26th-  Dusting of snow on the summit of Crossfell
29th - 30th Thin cover down to 2,200ft
December 2007
1st -  light snowfall on highest summits above 2200ft.
2nd -  snow overnight and during the morning above 2000ft, Crossfell summit looking very white by the afternoon
3rd - snow remains above 2000ft
4th - Thaw, all snow melted
7th - Snow overnight on Crossfell, down to 2200ft
8th -  Heavy snow at times down to 1000ft, some drifting on higher slopes
9th - Milder conditions overnight, snow level risen to 1800ft - 15cm above 2,500ft
10th - Snow showers overnight, snow level around 1800ft, Crossfell looking very white.
11th-24th - Snow remained on Eastern flanks of Crossfell above 2,200ft, some old drifted patches lower down, western Crossfell snow free apart from a thin drifted ridge on the summit
25th-28th -, snow free
29th-  Snow overnight and am down to 1000ft, 8cm above 2,100ft, dusting of wet slusly snow at lower levels which had melted by the end of the day.
30th - Snow line retreating to 2,400ft Crossfell only 
January 2008
1st January - a few patches on Crossfell- heavy rain all day.
3rd January - snow overnight down to valley level- snow most of the day in showers 8-10cm with drifts beginning to form
4th Further snow overnight with drifting snow depth in excess of 20cm drifts to 1m. Thaw from midday at valley bottoms, further snowfall from 3pm above 2000ft.
5th Good cover of snow above 2000ft remains
6th Some snow loss at first, further snow mid evening
7th Sign of dusting overnight above 1400ft, Snow appears thick on Crossfell
8th - Good cover remains above 2200ft, further snowfall above this level
9th - Good Cover remains above 2200ft, light snow down to 1400ft during the evening
10th - Heavy Rain, thaw, large, patches still visible above 2000ft.
11th-22nd - Just a few small patches on the Eastern Flank of Crossfell
21st - Snow overnight above 2500ft, then 8am-8pm snow all day down to 1000ft, even lower later - 20cm level snow at 2000ft with drifts to 40cm in places
22nd - Good cover of 20cm-25cm of snow above 1900ft, still drifting in the morning
23rd - Rapid thaw
24th - 30th  - Only patches left on the Summit of Crossfell and GDF
31st - Light snowfall. some drifting 2-3cm
February 2008
1st- Snow overnight and snow heavy at times during the day with blizzard conditions at time down to valley levels. Only 5cm at 1000ft 10cm above 2000ft with drifts in excess of 1m
2nd Spell of snow on highest fells above 1800ft in the afternoon and evening, thaw below this level
3rd Further snow again above 1800ft during the evening, rain lower down
4th Snow remaining above 2000ft, Crossfell looking very white - most of the snow below 2000ft as melted apart from a few drifted sections.
5th Snow remaining above 2,300ft, some drifted sections lower down
6th as above
10th - 23rd  Old drifted sections remain above 2300ft on the Eastern Flanks of Crossfell and GDF.
24th - A dusting of fresh snow above 2000ft
25th - Snow fell for a 2 hr period above 2000ft during the afternoon, thin cover developed
26th - 29th  Patches only on eastern Flanks of Crossfell and GDF
March 2008
1st-6th -  A few small patches remaining on eastern flanks of Crossfell and GDF.
7th - Light fall overnight down to 2,200ft
8th - Patches only remaining
9th -  Snowing down to 1000ft from mid evening, 3-4cm of fresh snow above 2000ft
10th -  Further snow down to 1000ft overnight, thaw from mid morning. Snow line approx 2000ft by the end of the day.
11-16th - Crossfell and GDF continued to be snow covered above 2000ft
17th - Snowfall down to 2000ft
18th-20th Good cover remaining above 2000ft
21st - Snow showers at all levels, thin cover developing
22nd - Snow showers overnight down to valley level, mainly thin
23rd - Snow overnight down to all levels  6cm above 2000ft, a little drifting
24th - A little snow again overnight, Good cover above 1800ft
25th-27th - Good cover of snow above 2000ft
28th-31st - Crossfell has a patchy cover above 2000ft, old drifted snow has now remained for several months.
April 2008
1st-4th - Old drifted sections of the Eastern Flanks of Crossfell and Great Dun Fell
5th -  Snowfall overnight down to 1800ft, several centimetres above 2000ft. Snow showers on and off all day
6th -  Period of moderate snow midday, gave cover down to valley bottoms, 10cm above 2000ft
7th -  Further snow showers all night adding to general cover
8th -  Heavy hail and snow showers with thunder during the late afternoon, only temporary cover at lower levels, above 2000ft Crossfell looks very white indeed
9th 11th-  Thaw of snow in general, snow cover restricted to above 2,200ft
12th-19th - Snow cover remained above 2,400ft on Crossfell
20th-30th - Gradual thaw of snow, by the end of the months only 5 or 6 small patches visible on the NE Flank of Crossfell.
May 2008
1st-10th May 6 small patches visible on the eastern flank of Crossfell
11th All now melted
12th-31st - No snow
October 2008
29th October - A few flurries of snow granules from 3pm
30th October -  Thin dusting of snow above 2,300ft, Crossfell, GDF
31st October -  Fall of snow overnight down to 1500ft, further snow showers above this level all day 10cm noted at 2000ft
November 2008
1st - Snow remaining above 1800ft, thaw below this level. Crossfell and GDF looking very white. A little skiing available at Yad Moss
2nd - Thaw of snow, good cover above 2000ft
3rd - Further Thaw of snow, patches only above 2,200ft
4th - Patches only, Crossfell
5th ALL snow gone
9th - Thin cover above 1300ft from late evening
10th-15th - A few patches Crossfell
16th-20th -  no snow
21st- Heavy hail showers from 1pm, snow showers later, 2cm above 2000ft
22nd - Dusting of snow down all levels
23rd - Snow overnight down to all levels
24th - Snow remaining above 2000ft
24th-28th just a few small patches -  thaw
28th - A few snow showers, thin dusting above 1400ft
29th-30th - Thin cover above 2000ft
December 2008
1st - Dusting overnight, all levels
2nd - Heavy snow overnight - 6cm all levels - occ snow showers during the day
3rd - Occ snow showers
4th-  A little snow overnight, what fell drifted considerably, further snow above 1700ft during the day
5th - Snow cover remaining at most levels - snow showers above 1600ft, rain below this level
6th - Good snow cover above 1600ft -  skiing at Yad Moss 3rd day on the trot
7th - Good cover above 1600ft - thaw in valleys
8th - Snow remaining above 18ooft, only drifted sections below - Approx 15cm above 2000ft
9th - Snow remaining on summits only, generally above 2000ft, thaw below this level. Great Dun Fell and Crossfell have good full cover - sharp overnight frosts.
10th/11th-   no change
12th - Light snowfall from 5pm above 1000ft, thin cover at valley bottom - 5cm above 2000ft
13th-14th - Snow remaining above 2000ft
15th - Thaw of snow, good cover above 2000ft
16th-28th - Large patches on Eastern flanks of Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell - western sections snow free.
29th - Thin dusting above 2000ft
30th-31st - To end the year there are still large patches of snow on the Eastern flank of Crossfell with smaller patches on GDF, good coating of rime above 1800ft.
January 2009
1st - Old patches of snow remaining on Eastern sections of Crossfell
2nd - Dusting of snow at all levels
5th -Light snow overnight down to 1000ft
5th-7th Snow remaining, thin cover
7th - light snow late afternoon, became heavier during the evening 9-10cm at all levels, western slopes of Pennines affected the most, some light drifting above 2000ft.
8th, Good cover at all levels, slow thaw
9th-10th - thaw of snow
11th-15th - Small Patches only on Crossfell
16th - Snow falling above 2000ft during the afternoon and evening
17th - Snow overnight down to 1000ft. approx 6cm above 2000ft, snow drifting
18th - Further light snowfall, thaw at fist below 1500ft, further snow showers later in the day
19th - Spells of snow overnight and during the day - considerable snow above 2000ft with drifting
20th - Further snow on higher fells
21st-24th -  Further periods of snow on higher fells, deep cover above 2000ft, drifts in excess of 5 feet
25th - Another snowfall above 1000ft overnight, further drifting of snow on highest summits. 3 day of skiing at Yad Moss. Drift of 6 foot noted just off the B6277 . By the end of the day a thaw had taken place with very little snow remaining on the fells below 2000ft north of Alston. Good deep cover Great Dun Fell and Crossfell areas.
26th-31st - Snow cover remaining above 2,300ft, some drifts below this height.
February 2009
1st - Snow Cover remaining above 2300ft, some good drifts above this height. Snow Falling towards the end of the day
2nd - Snowfall overnight down to all levels - snow all day and into the night 35cm level snow in Nenthead. Considerable drifting in excess of 10feet above 1500ft
3rd - Wind overnight continued to blow the snow at the higher levels
4th - 6th Snow remaining all levels -
7th - A few light snow showers during the day, full cover remaining. no thaw.
8th-11th - snow cover remaining at all levels
12th -  Spells of snow with drifting above 1800ft
13th-15th - Signs of a slight thaw, but full cover of deep snow above 1500ft
16th-28th - Thaw of snow throughout this period, no further snowfall but large patches of snow still remaining on Crossfell at the end of the month.
March 2009
1st-2nd - Large patches Crossfell remaining
3rd - Snowfall down to low levels, late eve.
4th - Occ snow showers all levels, general cover above 2000ft
5th -  Further snowfall all levels, cover remaining above 2000ft
6th-7th - Thaw of snow, good cover remaining above 2,300ft
8th - Further snow showers down to all levels. Snow remaining above 1800ft
9th - Thaw of snow, Crossfell and GDF remaining white all day
10th-26th -  Thaw of snow, large patches on Crossfell ( Eastern sections only, a little snow on western ridge, but very small)
27th -  Snow showers overnight down to 1800ft, some drifting noted - Further snow late afternoon into the evening down to 1000ft and settling
28th - A few flurries, snow level 2,200ft, Crossfell looking very white once again
29th - Snow cover remaining above 2,200ft
30th-31st - Just a few large patches on Crossfell and GDF
April 2009
1st-18th April -  several large patches on Crossfell
19th-20th - notable thaw of the patches, now very small
21st-30th -  Two small patches of snow left on Eastern Flank of Crossfell only
May 2009
2 patches remaining
7th - one patch left
13th May -  all gone
November 2009
7th - snow visible top 200ft of Crossfell, snow fall down to 2000ft later in the day
8th - snow down to 2300ft
9th - thin cover visible above 2500ft
10th - 26th  no snow
27th - Snow fall during the evening down to 1500ft - 3-4cm
28th - Snow remaining above 1800ft
29th - Snow overnight and into the morning down to 1500ft
30th - Good cover of snow above 1800ft, Crossfell looking very white, thin dusting of snow down to 1000ft
December 2009
1st - Good snow cover above 2300ft
2nd-13th General thaw of snow,patches only remaining above 2,500ft.
14th -  Fall of snow down to 1000ft
15th - Thaw overnight, just patches remaining above 2,500ft (odd patch below this level)
16th -  Light snowfall down to 1400ft
17th -  Heavy snow from early morning last most of the day down to valley level 16cm at 2000ft with drifting
18th  - A few flurries, snow remaining all levels, very cold
19th - Spell of heavy snow late afternoon into the evening with drifting on the summits
20th Snow showers all level2
21st - Further snowfall all levels
22nd - Cloudy day with occ snow showers - 15cm level snow at 1000ft
23rd - Heavy snow overnight with drifting- 23cm level snow at 1000ft. Substantial drifts to several meters above this height
24th - A dusting of fresh snow all levels, slight thaw below 1000ft
25th - Another dusting overnight at all levels
26th - Snow showers
27th-28th Further spells of light snow
29th - Light snowfall, severe drifting above 1500ft
30th - Large snowfall overnight 10 - 15cm -  severe drifting taking place on the fell tops. Whiteout conditions. Difficult to measure snow depths, must be the deepest in at least 10 years
31st -  Yet further snow all levels, fell roads blocked unable to assess higher slopes

Report of 45cm of level snow at 1400ft

December 2009 must go down as one of the snowiest on record for the North Pennines, there has been no thaw above 1000ft for over two weeks, substantial falls of snow throughout and drifting towards the end of the period. I expect this snow to be around for several months, hopefully into May

January 2010
Following on from a superb December January just gets better
1st-13th January deep snow all levels. Snow is 2 feet deep above 1000ft undrafted.
11-13th -  wind speeds increased and created large drifts 10-15feet high above 1000ft
14th - first signs of a thaw below 1000ft
15th - 21st Thaw of lying snow below 1500ft - huge drifted sections remain. Crossfell has full cover above 2000ft
27th-31st Jan - huge drifted sections remaining, full cover above 2,300ft. No visible snow below 1000ft. Skiing available throughout the whole month at the Yad Moss Ski Tow
February 2010
Full deep snow cover remained above 2,000feet throughout the whole month. Snow fall from time to time reduced the snow level to 1000feet with further drifting of lying snow in the last week of February. February ended on a further snowy note with 5-10cm of fresh snow 26th into the 27th with a light dusting on 28th.

Crossfell looks by now extremely white with huge areas of extensive drifting. Locals are now taking bets on how long it will last, mid June is the favourite at the moment !

Skiing was available on most days at Yad Moss Ski Tow
March 2010
Extensive snow cover remained above 2200ft up to the 15th March with a few falls of snow early in the month bringing the snow level down to valley bottoms. Between the 15th and the 28th March there was a general thaw but large patches still remained especially above 2,300ft. From the 28th March several falls of snow and drifting meant snow was down to valley bottom again, with severe drifting on the 30th and 31st March. Fresh drifts of 6 feet reported above 1500ft
April 2010
1st April -  extensive snow above 1500ft, thaw below this level
2nd April -  further thaw, full cover only above 2,200ft
3-18th April, Large patches of snow above 2,200ft
18th April -  Light snowfall down to 1000ft -  settling above 2000ft
19th April -  previous days fall has now melted, return to the large patches only
20th-30th April -  Large patches remaining until the end of the month on Crossfell, last of the Hartside Pass snow patches vanished on the 27th April (1900ft) A686.
May 2010
1st-9th May -  numerous large patches remaining on the NE Face of Crossfell. Large narrow patch on western side still visible from many miles away. Only a few small patches elsewhere
10th May - Light snowfall overnight down to 1400ft
11th May A few light snow flurries am, previous days snow remaining above 2,400ft
12th-17th May -  Back to the patches again, slowly reducing in size each day
17th May - Only snow visible is on Crossfell, all other North Pennine fells appear to be clear.
17th-31st May - Ever reducing size of patches on Crossfell

End of Month - One large Patch on NE Ridge of Crossfell and narrow band of snow on Western Ridge, a few small patches around Kirkland Gully
June 2010
1-3rd - Patch on NE Ridge and Western Ridge
4th - Western Ridge has melted, no visible patch  in Kirkland Gully
5th-12th June -  patch on the NE side of Crossfell only
13th June -  No snow visible.

October 2010
First report of snow was 20th October 2010, snow fell briefly during the evening above 1400ft, was later replaced by heavy rain
November 2010
8th November - Snow level around 1000ft first thing this morning, now risen to about 1500ft, drifting on the summit above 1900ft. Very unpleasant on the high routes.
9th - Snow retreated overnight, snow level around 2,300ft, with a few old drifted sections below this. A few snow and hail showers on and off all day. Crossfell looks quite white.
10th - Fresh snow on the Pennines last night. Look fairly deep covering 700m plus. Drifts could be seen from Eden Valley just leeward of Cross Fell plateaux
13th - Snow still present yesterday afternoon, mainly drifted sections but Crossfell (Eastern Flank ) looked quite white - good start to the season
14th - Heavy snow down to 1500ft, sleet down to 1000ft which froze by 3am. Good Cover on the A689 over Killhope 2-3inches by 2am. Expect the Pennines to be quite white this morning.
18th - A few flakes blowing around last night above 1600ft - Crossfell has now had a covering for over a week. (10days on the trot)
20th - Snow still remaining on Crossfell, old drifted sections but nearly full cover from 2200ft upwards. Snow was falling this afternoon down to 2000ft.
24th - A few flurries this morning in Alston, giving a dusting down to 1000ft. Has now thawed but Crossfell still white above 2200ft.
25th - Only a light snowfall Hartside towards Crossfell, 1cm at best even at 1900ft
26th-29th Snow has continued since my last report. All fells full cover, best depth towards the East, some drifting visible above 2000ft
30th November -2nd December (Clearly there is now abundant snowfall on the Pennines - all the roads I use are currently closed so will not be able to access for a while)
Level depth of snow in Alston was 19" last night. There are large drifts even at town level, so the High Pennines will be full to say the least.

December 2010
1-4th -The snow from November continued, abundant snowfall down to valley levels - Alston town recording 2 feet of level snow with drifting by the 3rd
4-10th  Deep snow remaining
11th- Thaw of snow below 2000ft, good cover remaining on higher slopes
11th - 19th - Thaw of snow in valleys, large areas of snow and drifted snow remaining above 2000ft
20th -  Snow returns to all levels, only a thin cover
21-25th -  Further falls of light snow all levels
26/27th - Spells of snow with some drifting above 1800ft, thaw below this level. Rain also freezing on impact in the valleys
29th-31st -  Snow remains above 2200ft, large areas of old frozen drifted snow. Some snow at lower levels in sheltered valleys
January 2011
1-4th January - large areas of old drifted snow above 200ft remaining
5th January. fresh snowfall overnight, some drifting above 1900ft
6th -11th January -steady daily light snowfall on the tops only. General thaw below 2000ft and only a few old drifted sections remain. Above 2200ft full cover still exist. Great Dun Fell looking very white with perhaps over a meter of fresh snow over the last week or so.
11th-18th Jan - Big snow loss on the High Pennines - just an odd patch below 2000ft, virtually nothing Yad Moss direction.
Crossfell - plenty of large patches in gullies especially NE Facing area ( Hartside viewpoint)
26th-30th - Dusting of Fresh snow each day, down to valley level
31st - Large patches only on Crossfell and GDF above 2200ft.
February 2011
1st - 2nd Large patches of old drifted snow remain on Crossfell and GDF, a few smaller patches elsewhere, nothing below 2200ft
3rd - Thin cover of fresh snow down to 1300ft
4th-7th - Back to the large old drifted sections
8th Dusting of snow overnight
9th-13th - Thaw of recent snow, just the old sections of snow left, but holding up well.
14th- Covering of snow above 2200ft, extensive snow on the very summits
16th - Further snowfall above 1800ft-towards the evening and overnight snow fell down to 1200ft, approx 4" of fresh snow above 1600ft. Crossfell looking very white by the 17th
17th - Good cover of snow above 1800ft
18th-20th - slow thaw of snow, still good cover above 2200ft
21st - Extensive rime formations above 1600ft, followed by light snow down to 1500ft
22nd-27th General thaw, back to the old drifted sections
28th- Light snowfall above 1400ft
March 2011
1st-8th March - old patches remaining above 2200ft mainly Crossfell
9th - Snow overnight down to 1200ft, further snow during the day giving a slight cover above 1000ft
10th Previous days snow has melted, back to the old patches
11th-Snow late afternoon in to the evening, giving a good cover at all levels, all melted by the following morning.
12-31st - No further fresh snow noted. Old patches still remaining mainly Eastern side of Crossfell, one very small patch on the western ridge.
April 2011
No Fresh snow this month, patches on Crossfell gradually diminished at the month went ahead. Only one small patch remained by month end
May 2011
Last snow patch has gone on Crossfell - I will note the date as the 6th May 2011.
November 2011
Despite some heavy showers of sleet at lower levels around the 27th November , there is no firm evidence of any snow lying on the Pennines this month. I cannot rule out snow but its opportunity was short lived and not witnessed
December 2011
2nd - Dusting of snow above 2000ft overnight
4th -  Heavy show showers eve, snow down to valley bottoms 14cm at 1900ft with drifting
5th Further snow overnight, thaw at valley level, snow line approx 700ft
6th -7th Snow persisting
8th - Heavy rain, rapid thaw and general flooding. snow line 2,400ft
9th - drifting snow above 1700ft by 9pm, thin cover
10th - thaw of snow generally at low levels, still good cover above 2000ft,
11th - slight dusting on the tops late afternoon evening, general snow level around 2000ft
12th - snow level approx 2200ft, some drifts below this level
14th - Extensive snowfall last night down to 800ft. Plenty of drifting but other area scored of snow due to the strength of the wind. Best lowland snow was around Nenthead with 12-15cm level snow. The snow depth is nothing like last December but the wind was from the West or North west and has built up drifts in unsual locations.
17th-20th December -snow remaining above 2000ft
20-26th -Big snow loss over the Christmas period, only large patches now remaining mainly on Crossfell
28th - Thin dusting of new snow on the very tops
30th - Covering of fresh snow down to 2000ft
31st - Thin dusting on the tops, old drifted sections remaining mainly Eastern areas of Crossfell.
January 2012
1-2nd - Large patches of old snow Crossfell
3rd - Sign of a dusting of snow above 2500ft
5th - Dusting above 2700ft - no snow at all on western slopes
6th-18th -  Old drifted sections only, all eastern side of Crossfell
19th - Fresh snow down to 1500ft
20th Further snowfall down to 1000ft, 3cm above 2000ft, signs of slight drifting above this level, thaw at close of day all levels.
21st-29th Jan - Back to the old drifted sections only
30th Snow level 1500ft, 5-7cm at 2000ft. Crossfell looking very white today
31st Snow remaining above 1500ft, occ snow grain showers
February 2012
1st-3rd February -  Snow level around 1500ft, thin cover above this height with older drifts underneath
4th - Dusting of snow all levels.
5th-8th - Snow remaining above 1500ft
9th - Freezing rain event all levels.
10th - 17th February, no sign of any fresh snow,  general thaw. old patches still remaining NE side of Crossfell only.
18th Heavy hail and snow showers gave a covering above 1200ft, some slight drifting above 2000ft
20th-29th -  no further snowfall observed, some small patches of old snow remaining

To be continued