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Cumbria Weather Wiki

The idea behind this "wiki" is to gather together in one place as much data as possible relating to the weather in Cumbria over the years. Cumbria is a relatively new county being merged with Cumberland, Westmoreland and parts of Lancashire. The database created is searchable and I hope you find it useful. If anyone has any data that they may think will be of use please let me know via email


Rainfall Data Diary Entries Rainfall Averages Temperature Data Other Records
1865 Rainfall 1918 Rainfall       1865 1898   Averages of Rainfall 1916-1950 Geltsdale 100 years of Rain Carlisle Temperature 1961-1990 Cumbria Weather Records
1867 Rainfall 1932 Rainfall       1879 1909   Rainfall 1840-1882 Selected Stations Castle Carrock 1957-2010   Maulds Meaburn Historical Records
1882 Rainfall 1949 Rainfall       1882 1932   Averages of Rainfall 1890-99 & 1870-99 Selected Stations Newton Rigg Rainfall1900-2012   Pennine Snow Report 2004-2012
1885 Rainfall 1952 Rainfall       1886     50 year Averages of Rainfall Ambleside,Coniston and Seathwaite Walton 1970-2011    
1889 Rainfall 1959 Rainfall       1888     Newton Rigg Averages 1959-2012 Scaleby Hall Farm 1969-2003    
1894 Rainfall 1960 Rainfall       1889     Maximum Falls of Rain in a day 1865-1888 Orton 1967-2012    
1909 Rainfall         1894     Carlisle Rainfall Data 1961-1990      





Compiled by Paul Crabtree & Darren Rogers